What is Omniflex?

Omniflex is a comprehensive flexible benefits program and you are now eligible for this program. Omniflex offers company-paid benefits as well as a range of options.

For an overview of Omniflex, access the Omniflex module on the Benefits site and click Omniflex at a glance and applicable sub-tabs (coverage overview, eligibility, flexdollars, price tags, etc.) near the top of your screen.

What is the DC arrangement of the Pension Plan?

The Pension Plan offered to you by the company is a defined contribution (DC) plan. You are automatically a member of the DC pension arrangement if you have accumulated three months of employment.

For an overview of the DC pension arrangement, enter Your Pension Plan module on the Benefits site and then click DC arrangement at a glance in the left menu. Take the time to access the Investor profile questionnaire and to read the section entitled How the Plan works/Investment options.