Our General Membership Meeting will be on Wednesday, December 10th at 7:15pm.    We’ll be meeting again this year at Les Suites, just a short walk from the station.


Working a day shift? We’ll have the room available as of 6:30pm, and we will feed you, so no need to go home first (Mmmm, Botega Sandwiches).   Finished after the 6pm show?    We’ll feed you.    Working an evening shift?   We’ll Feed you.


Door Prizes, Annual Loblaws Gift-Certificates, and….  PRINTED VERSIONS OF OUR CONTRACT!   Hot off the presses.


It’s very important you attend — our current agenda is action packed.   Aside from the usual housekeeping (Financial Report, By-laws, Updates on topics), we’ll be discussing and voting on an important topic and need everyone’s input).

Please let me know if you can’t attend.

In Solidarity,