Month: October 2012

Nomination submission deadline

Hi All

The nomination submission deadline for president has now passed.

Unfortunately no nomination forms were received.

Because there was no nomination received, I will extend for one more week, with a new deadline for nominations for President of midnight Friday November 2nd.

In the event we do not have a nomination for president at that time, the issue will be turned over to the CEP national rep to deal with this situation as needed.

Erik Powell
Election Chair


Position: President
Term: Current – June 30, 2014
Currently in the Position: Vince Fracassi (retired)

It’s time to vote on Vince’s replacement. This position will be until June 30, 2014, instead of the full two years, due to Vince’s resignation.

The Nomination Form is attached, they must be signed by 5 members in good standing with the union.

The closing date for nominations will be October 28th. The names of the members nominated will be posted 3 days later before the call for election.

Note: Each member can only sign one nomination form. In the event there is more than one nomination, each nomination must be signed by a different set of 5 members.

Erik Powell
Election Chair

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