We are in the process of electing a new JHSC (Joint Health and Safety Committee) employee representative to represent CTV Ottawa- CEP Group and we need your help in making this selection.  This process is completely confidential.  These employees will not know who voted for who.

If elected, this employee will be responsible for attending regular monthly JHSC meetings, identifying workplace hazards and in cooperation with the rest of the committee members, make recommendations to address safety concerns.

The following members have expressed interest in this role:

  • Shaun Vardon – CTV News
  • Mark Tomkins – CTV Creative
  • Ian Urbach – CTV News
  • Tyler Fleming – CTV News

If you would like to participate in this election process, please email me back, letting me know – of these employees listed above, who would be your:

  • 1st choice
  • 2nd choice
  • 3rd choice

Please email me your response at Helen.rhude@bellmedia.ca by Friday, September 7th.